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Your people are going to great lengths and taking huge risks, losing their jobs and even being thrown in jail just to try to tell you something. You should hear them out. It’s probably important.

No Quarter for Anti-Whites

They’re not coming here to be our friends…

Thanks to Leo and his Jewish friends, a whole generation of young girls (and boys) now aspire to be prostitutes when they grow up. Jesus once said that it would be better for anyone who corrupts the little ones that a millstone be hung around his neck, and that he be drowned in the depth of the sea. That’s a neat idea.

We made an Instagram. Won’t be posting any activism or saying much, just painting a picture by sharing some of the things we see on the internet that remind us why we do this. Clips of all the usual suspects being themselves, headlines, tweets, things we wouldn’t post here on our main account, which is about all we can get away with there.

Hopefully we can bring some users over to Gab and motivate them to get active. If you do use Instagram, give it a follow and help us get it going. Tag us in anything you think we should post and share our posts to your followers.

Floridians will be receiving the following letter in regard to the ongoing, Jewish war on Whites. You can read it here:

The weekend is here. Have you thought about how you’ll use yours to do something about White genocide?

Sounds more like Domestic Violent Extremism

Just had a talk with @HandsomeTruth, Hammer of @BloodTribeOhio and @The_Real_Floppa. Watch it here or on GoyimTV:

We’re not concerned with where we may fall on any spectrum or what they’ll call us, we just want what’s best for White people.

Watch out for snakes in the grass

We’ve got our own problems, we don’t need yours.

We don’t know Rob, but we do know he’s one of the best of us and inspires us all to be better. There is no denying that the movement is healthier, more organized, and more appealing because of him. @Media2Rise makes our content look weak, @will2rise makes our designs look weak, and the Active Clubs make us look weak. This is a good thing. It pushes us to work harder and make better decisions. We appreciate everything Rob has done and stand with him 100%. If there were anything we could do, we’re here.

Freedom for Rob Rundo.

Beijing Biden or Jerusalem Joe?

Just want to thank the ADL for letting us run another ad on their site, and for explaining the 14/96. One thing, we’re active *throughout the state* remember? Please update accordingly. Thanks again, couldn’t do it without you guys.

In case you didn’t understand what we meant by folding these into a booklet. This is an easier way to distribute them and makes it more likely people will read all of the information contained. Handing it directly to someone is an opportunity for a conversation. You can download all of our materials on our website.

Let’s make Florida uninhabitable for perverts

Absolutely heartbreaking. But before we get into another conversation about the rampant black-on-White violence, let’s be honest for a moment. This could’ve been avoided. If you went to public school in just about any city in America, you’ve seen this stuff firsthand. And we’ve all seen a thousand of these videos. It’s time to stop acting like it’s shocking when it happens.

Our children are suffering. This is clear. And when 14-year-olds are committing suicide, it’s time to get serious about it. We can’t always be there to protect them in these situations. And they’re kids, not heroes. We can’t leave the task to them to save themselves and the adults we trust to watch them seem to be a part of the problem in most cases. It’s our job to make sure they are never in these situations to begin with.

Sending your child to a school where they’ll be groomed and racially abused, is abuse the same. It is your job to protect your child and you are not doing that. You have failed as a parent. No more excuses. We can’t sit around horrified, waiting on blacks to stop being violent or Jews and faggots to stop targeting innocence. It’s never going to happen. Removing these people from our society will take time and never truly be complete, but you can remove your children from their path in an instant. Simply acknowledging the problem is not enough. The truth will not protect them, only you can. And even then, we can only run so far. There’s a fight to be had.

Adriana could’ve been your daughter, or your little sister. We need to become the men and women of action who never came for us. For her, for all the White kids like her, for their future kids, and for every kid we never stood up for when we were in school. We’re adults now, we don’t get to be afraid anymore.

Calling all Florida activists! We need all hands on deck to fight this bill which criminalizes activism. Tag any groups or individuals in Florida that you know of. Let’s make it a group effort guys, we’re not going to be silenced.

You know the slogan. We feel the same way.

We know. And we’re telling everyone.

Merry Christmas guys. We love you so much. Enjoy your families today and be thankful. There’s still so much beauty and good times to be had in this world. Never let them break your spirit!

Porn addiction is a bigger problem in America than drugs. The people producing and promoting it know this. Don’t let them do it to you, brother. Just say no. Try spending that time on a real woman you might be able to start a family with, or spend it fighting the Jews who tried to get you with it. Don’t be a faggot.

Every day that you choose inaction, another handful of innocent little kids gets pimped out and raped by our Jewish pedophile elites and their friends.

Really take a second to think about what’s going on in this country. If it was happening in front of you, what would you do? Because it is.

When you understand who really holds power in this country and what they think of us, what they teach about us in their synagogues, what our relationship with them has always looked like throughout history, things begin to make a lot more sense. As it goes, our nation isn’t dying, it’s being killed.

We’ve had enough of the guilt trips and agenda-driven sob stories from lying Jews and profiteers about the fake and gay “Holocaust.” What it really is, is something like the original justification for the global genocide of White nations which we’re seeing play out all around us today. The worst part, it didn’t even happen. On top of that, as Americans, it was our grandfathers who made the mistake of killing those innocent Germans on behalf of Jews. Instead of thanks, we get comparisons and the condemnation of our race as a whole. We owe Jews nothing.

Just a reminder for any immigrants reading this that there is no universal right of all humans to come to this country and have THEIR American dream. It’s OUR dream and it’s not for sale. America is a nation, and a nation is a people, not a place or a set of ideas. Being American means more than a piece of paper that’s handed out to anyone in the world who wants one and can afford it. Any status you have was given to you by traitors to our nation or by hostile foreign infiltrators within our government and US citizenship won’t make you American any more than moving to Africa would make us black. American is something you’re born, not something you can ever become. We are a distinct and definable people, and you are on our land. Whether by choice or by force, you will be leaving.

Please pay attention to what your kids are looking at on the internet and learning in school. Very bad people are trying very hard to fill their hearts and minds with poison. You will lose your children if you let them.

Could be worse. We’ll take it.

The ADL released a report on “extremism & antisemitism in Florida” and a few of us got shout outs. Check it out https://videos.fil…

Article/Full Video:…

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I know a lot of us work hard all week and look forward to our rest, but our enemies work hard too. They really do. And a lot of the time, they’re able to make their living working against us all week while we toil away, so we have to work twice as hard and take advantage of every moment. Time from the work that pays our bills should be time for the work that truly counts. Start making the most of your weekends.

Equal rights, opportunity, and representation happened a long time ago. We’re so beyond it all that White people have become second class citizens. If they’re still fighting racism it’s either for power, resources, or revenge.

Still having issues uploading videos to Gab. A much better place to view and download the content we post as well as what we don’t would be at

Instant honks because this is Florida and WHITE LIVES MATTER around here! (Link for better video quality) https://videos.files.w…

No kooks!

Outside the NSU Art Museum. Fun fact: NSU Art Museum has the largest collection of “CoBrA” art in America, according to their website. CoBrA – an acronym for the three capital cities in which its founding members originated – Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam – was an international collective of revolutionary Jews, active from 1948 to 1951 with the stated goal of using subversive art to destroy the last remnants of established culture and nationalism, and bring about Marxist social revolution in the new post-war European society.

Don’t be a spectator of your own genocide, the clock is ticking!

We’re not going anywhere.

Goodmorning friends. Don’t let it slide today.

Outside the Broward County Courthouse

Sunday sticker run down Fort Lauderdale Beach…

A few shots from our day in Sunny Isles…

We’re not the majority anymore, there’s no excuse.

Share this and help us grow our team of concerned citizens!…

Stop shaking your head and walking away like a dissatisfied and defeated coward. Get confrontational, start taking little stands against the deterioration of our community and quality of life. You can do this alone, but you don’t even have to.

You don’t see a lot of red hats or American flags on those boats coming from Haiti…

85 of these went up along Fort Lauderdale Beach between the Tortuga Country Music Festival and Beach Place. It would not have been possible to attend without noticing.

Our people deserve to be remembered too. Big thanks to for telling their stories every day, we appreciate you brother.


They lurk at every gas station and red light in this city because YOU pay them to. My mother does not deserve to be harassed by mentally ill drug addicts and sex criminals every time she stops her car. Loitering is illegal. Panhandling is illegal. Drugs are illegal. Public intoxication and public indecency are illegal. Building piles of your garbage along our walkways and in our parks, is illegal. All of these things are illegal and easily fixable problems. Our police have simply chosen not to enforce the law, not to ensure the safety and well being of this community, but we will. Nowhere can the collapse be felt more strongly than when you go outside and see the trash (people included) that lines our streets. No pity for junkie scum.

They’re doing it.

A lot of people were asking what it means. It means we don’t plan on running for the mountains to hide out in one of the few scattered White communities that remain in this country. We want to organize our community and secure a future right here at home, in Florida.

Activists in Miami were out there bright and early for Ryan Rogers

Bet you can’t

Remember my people

The article attached:…