We encourage our supporters to print our materials and distribute them on their own. This offers those skeptical of groups or unable to join one an opportunity to still get involved with activism. Any time we make a new sticker or flyer, we include the file in the post on Gab, but you can also download all of our materials on this page.

We love to see our guys taking action and our materials being distributed. If you get photos or videos of this, email them to us and we may even feature your content on our site or post it to Gab.

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Full-size, 8.5 x 11 flyers.


Accordion booklets. Printed on 4 x 6 shipping labels and folded. Example here. See our posts for photos. These files are PDFs, preview is only the first page.


Sticker files are sized for 4 x 6 shipping labels. Shapes or where more than one sticker has been placed on a single label will have to be cut, or cropped and printed another way. Please see the photos in our posts to see how the stickers should look after being cut. See how we print them here.



Visit our friends at for more and read their Beginner’s Guide for tips on how, where, and when to distribute their flyers.