This message is for our guys, White nationalists and such. We’ve said enough about what goes on in this country for you all to know that we understand the problem with Trump. However, regardless of how we feel about it, our people love the guy. White America chose Trump and elected him to be their leader. He is the undisputed leader, currently, of our people, the people we’re fighting for.

Trump’s enemies loved him before he took on that role. It’s not about Trump. They hate us. They hate Trump because he represents White people resisting change, and this anti-White agenda. It doesn’t matter if everything he said was a lie, he ran a pro-White campaign in 2016 and White Americans latched onto him like their last chance and only source of hope, which for many, he still is. We all knew who the “Silent Majority” was. MAGA was a White movement in the beginning when Trump earned this target on his back, or at the least, that’s how it was perceived. It wasn’t safe to go outside with a MAGA hat on. It was like wearing a swastika.

Even the media lies about racist things that he didn’t even actually say played into what made Americans like him. They chose a border wall that would get 10 feet taller every time the drug-dealing Mexican rapists opened their mouths about it, they chose a Muslim ban, they chose Pizzagate pedophiles in prison, they chose a guy who quoted Mussolini and said he would only accept the election results if he won, they chose the kinds of things we’d also want in a leader, not Jewish influence and obstruction, or what he’d do for Israel, or blacks. Nobody was thinking about that.

We all know his current situation is BS, and even if it were all smoke and mirrors, which it isn’t, the persecution of Trump is symbolic of the persecution of White America. If the people want something and he promises to give it to them, and then this happens, that’s what it represents.

When history remembers what our people suffered in these years, it’s not going to be Jews in West Palm trying to ban our stickers, or our unheard of friends being terrorized by the system. We’re a small part of this story. It’s going to be Trump’s mugshot. It’s going to be Ashli Babbitt and the January 6th defendants, even the normies who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’ll be the victims of black violence who didn’t know the first thing about Jews when they died, or the children who didn’t either, who were targeted by pedophiles at school. It’s not all about us as White nationalists or National Socialists or our groups or any of that. They’re after all White people.

You don’t have to support Trump to see what this situation represents, or to appreciate that this is a dark moment in American history. It’s really not that funny at all. The fact that he’s not what they think he is only makes it less funny. That election in 2020 was rigged. The people voted, they chose Trump, and it didn’t matter. That our elections are being rigged should mean something to us even if we don’t like the candidates.

We stand with the Americans who see themselves in Trump and who fear what his arrest means for them. These are our people. We shouldn’t be clowning on them right now. We should be with them, showing them that we’re for them, and of them, and going through this too, and that our movement wants what’s best for them. Because it’s true. Isn’t “White unity” our whole thing?