From our letter to White Americans,

The enemy has opened our borders and incentivized non-Whites to pour in by the millions. It takes from us what it gives to our replacements, and struggling Whites are forced to pay for the housing, food, education, healthcare, etc. of hostile invaders who resent us and to whom our sacrifice means nothing… invaders who have no desire to be a part of our society and make no attempt at assimilation, but rather self-segregate, establishing their own ethnic communities, just like those they came from, but within ours – changing our country into theirs and fighting for the interest of their specific groups against the interest of ours, the host nation they parasite off.

The enemy bombards us with anti-natal, yet pro-miscegenation, and LGBT propaganda. It targets our women in particular with bitter, anti-family, feminist, slut propaganda… Abortion, birth control, porn, hookup culture, manufactured grievance, anything that hurts the White birth rate and weakens our families. Our children are groomed, molested, and mutilated by freaks – to applause from the public, praise from the media, and funding from the state.

Too many Whites is seen as problematic and punished. Fewer Whites is progress… Educators, employers and the government proudly discriminate against Whites, excluding us in the name of diversity and setting limits on how many of us can be accepted into schools, hired for jobs, or eligible for programs and assistance. Diversity simply means fewer Whites, as does equality, inclusion, or any of the other keywords the enemy uses to justify systemic, anti-White racism.

The education, media, and entertainment industries are used to brainwash the masses into believing that we’re evil, and the source of all human suffering. This to incite violence against Whites and to instill a guilt complex that not only renders them apathetic, but turns them into enthusiastic participants in their own displacement and erasure… The enemy claims that our history is a sin, our ancestors villains, our religion oppressive, our traditions dated, our culture non-existent, and our way of life obsolete. Our monuments are toppled, our pride made a crime (hate speech).

Any White who complains about it is censored, expelled, fired, attacked and ostracized. Any White who attempts to organize in opposition to it is labeled a terrorist… Amid rampant, violent, non-White crime, mass pedophilia, unparalleled corruption, war, and the brutal victimization and persecution of Whites, White supremacy is ridiculously declared the greatest threat to the homeland. Savage thugs terrorize the innocent with impunity. Any White who tries to defend himself, is arrested for hate crimes and made an example of. This will only get much worse as they come to outnumber us.

You’ll notice the enemy – the mind and force behind this sick, genocidal, anti-White agenda is not named here. This is because predictably, it has made distributing such information a felony in Florida… Free speech? None of the rights you think you have, are real. They are simply rhetoric.

It’s time to wake up and get serious – and get involved. We can be hated, or we can be dead. Pro-White organizations are popping up all over the country at record pace. There has never been a better time than now to find the right group for you and begin taking an active role in this historic struggle for the survival of our people. You can find out more by joining us on Gab, the only social media network in existence that allows Whites to speak freely.

Your Friends, the Florida Nationalists