Desperate, Jew-worshipping freak Ron DeSantis is unhinged. It appears the “woke” Democrats were right about this coward and traitor, as the fate of our nation increasingly rests upon our ability to stop him in his sick, hate-fueled mission to destroy the American people at the behest of our greatest foreign enemy, the illegitimate, satanic, terrorist state of Israel and the bloodthirtsty, America-hating Jews who call it home, starting with the great people of our home state of Florida.

Thursday, DeSantis was in Jerusalem to effectively repeal the First Amendment to the United States Constitution before his Jewish masters. The announcement of the trip came less than a week after the Anti-Defamation League released a report that said incidents of Americans noticing Jewish power in Florida had more than doubled between 2020 and 2022.

DeSantis, never missing an opportunity to persecute the American people in order to please Jews in another country, quickly responded by traveling to Israel to sign off on legislation (HB 269) that would make any criticism of Jews or the state of Israel, or any remark, symbol, or gesture that makes a Jew uncomfortable, a felony, punishable by 5 years in prison. HB 269 is being called the “strongest antisemitism bill in the United States.”

Many are just coming to realize that something is not quite right with Ron DeSantis, but this behavior is nothing new. As Zion Ron prepares to pursue his presidential aspirations, let’s take a look back at what he’s been up to during his time as the Governor of Florida.

10/15/2018: Speaking at a Broward synagogue, DeSantis promises his Jewish audience, “I think I can pledge this very credibly: As soon as I take the oath of office to be the next governor, that very day we will have the most pro-Israel governor in America here in Florida.”

He touts his record and outlines his priorities on Israel and other issues important to Jews, such as his longstanding support for the relocation of the U.S. embassy to Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. “Of all the professional things that I’ve done, being there for that embassy opening was one of the best. It was awesome.”

He says that his first overseas trip as governor would be to Israel and talks about baptizing his first born child in water his wife brought back from Israel, though it is unclear what religion calls for this. He promises to turn to Israel in his search for solutions to Florida’s environmental crisis. “Who better to go to than people in Israel in terms of that ingenuity?…. I think that if you look at the innovation, there’s no place on the planet that has more innovation per capita than Israel right now.”

He also promises that anyone he appoints to boards of state colleges and universities must be committed to combatting anti-Semitism on campuses.

01/08/2019: Ron DeSantis is sworn in as Florida’s 46th governor.

05/25/2019: DeSantis leads more than 100 Florida delegates, representing every corner of the state, and 10 members of the Florida press, on a seven day business development mission to Israel. During the mission:

• DeSantis meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “celebrate and strengthen the bi-lateral relationship and strong bond between Florida and Israel.”

• DeSantis holds a joint press conference with Gilad Erdan, Israeli Minister of Public Security. DeSantis says, “I’ve made it clear since taking office that I will be the most pro-Israel Governor in the nation and that BDS is DOA in Florida.”

• DeSantis and members of the Florida Cabinet meet with US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and attend a reception at his home with the Florida Delegation.

• DeSantis receives a briefing from Yuval Rotem, Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• DeSantis holds meetings and events with Israeli companies and business leaders to recruit new investments, including:

Rafael, a military and defense technologies development firm. Cellebrite, a digital intelligence platform developer. Israel Discount Bank, a financial services firm with commercial services as well as private, domestic and international banking. Nobactra, an agricultural research firm specializing in plant disease solutions, including citrus greening. Stemrad, which specializes in protective equipment for radiation. SpacePharma, a leading Israeli satellite agency. Nano Dimension, an electronic manufacturing company. INSIGHTEC, a leading technological medical device company. Attenti, which provides solutions for law enforcement and corrections agencies. B.G. Tech, a service and maintenance company for micro-electronics. And Gonen Usishkin, CEO of El Al Airlines.

• DeSantis delivers the keynote address at the 2019 Israel-America Business Summit.

• DeSantis leads two separate roundtable discussions on policy regarding water challenges facing Florida and Israeli technologies, as well as school safety and security with Florida and Israeli officials.

• DeSantis leads a ceremonial meeting with Florida Cabinet members at the US Embassy in Jerusalem where they hear from alleged survivors and family members of victims of Palestinian terrorism.

• DeSantis holds ceremonial bill signing for CS/CS/HB 741: Anti-Semitism.

• DeSantis participates in roundtable discussion with Israeli officials on the BDS movement.

• DeSantis plants a tree in the John F. Kennedy Peace Forest as a symbol of the strong friendship between Florida, the United States and the nation of Israel.

• DeSantis participates in a wreath laying ceremony at Yad Vashem honoring the memory of Jews who “perished” in the Holocaust.

• DeSantis visits the Western Wall.

• More than 20 strategic partnerships and Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) are established, a historic number, including:

A signing between Florida Atlantic University and Ariel University. A signing between Space Florida and the Israel Space Agency. A signing between Florida Atlantic University and Haifa University. A signing between the University of North Florida and Haifa University. A signing between Florida A&M University and Haifa University. A signing between Miami Dade College and Haifa University. A signing between DeSantis and Israel Minister of Tourism Yariv Gideon Levin. A signing between Space Florida and the Israel Innovation Authority. Eight signings between Tel Aviv University and Florida Atlantic University, Florida Gulf Coast University, the Florida Institute of Technology, Florida International University, Miami Dade College, St. Leo University and the University of Central Florida. A signing between Florida Atlantic University and the Agricultural Research Organization Volcani Center. A signing between the Florida Division of Emergency Management and the Israeli National Emergency Management Authority. A signing between the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Israel-America Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce. A signing between the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Shaare Zedek Medical Center. And a signing between Florida International University and Tel Aviv University.

• DeSantis declares, “This historic mission has been the prelude to future prosperity and partnership between Florida and Israel… This week, we established an unprecedented number of alliances in science, business and academia. We affirmed our solidarity with Israelis and resolved to give no quarter to anti-Semitism.”

05/31/2019: DeSantis officially signs CS/CS/HB 741: Anti-Semitism into law following the ceremonial bill signing in Jerusalem. The bill bans antisemitism and holocaust questioning in Florida schools and institutions.

The legislation lays out examples of what would be considered anti-Semitism, including “making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations” about Jews or “the power of Jews as a collective,” such as “the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.” It also defines anti-Semitism as “accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interest of their own nations.”

It also bans certain speech against the state of Israel on campuses, such as “applying a double standard to Israel by requiring behavior of Israel that is not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation, or focusing peace or human rights investigations only on Israel.”

DeSantis says, “I’m proud to sign this bill to make clear through a bipartisan effort that anti-Semitism has no place in our state and our educational institutions will not tolerate discrimination against the Jewish people… I was especially proud to hold a ceremonial bill signing in Jerusalem. Florida is the most Israel-friendly state in the country and as long as I’m Governor, we will continue to stand with the Jewish community.”

According to DeSantis, “CS/CS/HB 741 permits regulation to combat anti-Semitism within the realm of government institutions – such as an institution’s anti-Semitic hiring or admissions policies, an instructor’s indulgence of bizarre theories or pedagogical perversions, and student behavior that is harmful or disruptive.”

30 prominent Jewish Floridians sent a letter to DeSantis saying the bill went too far by equating criticism of the Israeli government with anti-Semitism.

06/23/2020: DeSantis signs HB 1213 into law, revising the requirement to teach Holocaust education to include instruction concerning antisemitism, requiring school districts to report on Holocaust education instruction annually, requiring the Florida Department of Education to prepare and offer Holocaust education standards and curriculum; and designating “the second week in November” as ‘Holocaust Education Week’ in the state in recognition of November as the anniversary of Kristallnacht.

06/08/2021: DeSantis delivers remarks to a town hall briefing on antisemitism organized by the Jewish Federations of Florida. The event was sponsored by the Florida Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Community of West Coast Florida, and the Jewish Federations of Greater Naples, Greater Orlando, Lee & Charlotte Counties, Sarasota-Manatee, and Tampa. Jewish Federations organized the meeting to discuss the “increased incidence of antisemitic incidents that have occurred over the past few weeks.”

“We all need to speak with one voice and say that antisemitism is not something that’s going to be tolerated,” DeSantis claims. “We are going to stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters and we are absolutely going to stand strong in support of the Florida-Israel relationship. The Legislature and I have worked really hard on a lot of great legislation over the past few years on issues including Holocaust education, anti-BDS legislation, security for synagogues and Jewish day schools, and so much more.”

06/14/2021: Joined by members of the Florida Legislature and leaders in the Jewish community, DeSantis signs into law measures sought by Florida Jews, HB 529 and HB 805.

HB 805 ensures that Jewish volunteer ambulance services, including Hatzalah, a free emergency transport service operating in South Florida Jewish communities, can continue to operate. The bill allows authorized volunteer ambulance services to use emergency lights and sirens when responding and prohibits local governments from banning such ambulance services from operating, while also exempting them from fees or licensing requirements. “These services are critical for Holocaust survivors who have a fear of uniforms and of being taken away. Members are trained to treat patients according to Jewish law.”

HB 529 requires Florida schools to hold a daily moment of silence, a long-held priority of the conservative Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch movement. It directs the principal of each public school to require teachers in first-period classrooms in all grades to set aside 1 to 2 minutes daily for a moment of silence, during which students may not interfere with other students’ participation.

DeSantis also highlights initiatives included in the Florida Leads Budget to support Florida’s Jewish community and Israel, such as:

• $4 million in security funding for Florida’s Jewish Day Schools, including for the first time ever, funding for professional security.

• $1.35 million for the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Pete.

• $400,000 for the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach.

• $100,000 for the Holocaust Task Force.

• $250,000 for the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator.

• And $1 million in recurring funds for collaborative research, development, and commercialization of projects related to aerospace and other technology through a memorandum of understanding which Space Florida has entered into with Israel.

DeSantis announces, “I will continue to make sure that in Florida we root out anti-semitism, and that every day we show our support for Israel and our Jewish communities.”

One week prior, DeSantis took part in an online town hall sponsored by Florida Jewish federations, prompted in response to a global rise in antisemitism that “experts” say stemmed from recent clashes between Israeli defense forces and Palestinian-supported Hamas.

07/14/2021: At the direction of DeSantis, the State Board of Education adopts additional curriculum standards for Holocaust education. He states, “We want to make sure our students understand the evils of the Holocaust. You see people throughout the world try to diminish or even reject that the Holocaust even happened.”

07/22/2021: DeSantis sends a letter to the Executive Director & Chief Investment Officer of the Florida State Board of Administration, Ash Williams, requesting that the SBA initiate the process of placing Ben & Jerry’s and its parent company Unilever on Florida’s List of Scrutinized Companies that Boycott Israel, following the company’s announcement that it would remove its products and prohibit the sale of its ice cream in parts of Israel.

“If a company does not cease its boycott of Israel within 90 days of being placed on the list, it becomes subject to an investment prohibition and the State of Florida will not contract with the company or its subsidiaries.”

After meetings with the Israeli government, Unilever is forced to sell its Israeli rights to the ice-cream label to local franchisee Avi Zinger, who will sell Unilever’s products without their involvement.

11/09/2022: As requested by DeSantis, the Florida Department of Education officially recognizes Holocaust Education Week.

From DeSantis’ proclamation on Holocaust Education Week, “…we the people of the state of Florida will always remember the horrors of the Holocaust and stand against all forms of tyranny, and dedicate ourselves to protecting individual freedom, democracy and a just society… understanding the history of the Holocaust and antisemitism offers an opportunity to study the consequences of prejudice, racism, and stereotyping, and examine what it means to be a responsible and respectful person… Section 1003.42(2)(g)1., Florida Statutes requires Florida’s public K-12 schools to faithfully teach the ‘history of the Holocaust (1933-1945), the systematic, planned annihilation of European Jews and other groups by Nazi Germany and the prevention of antisemitism’…”

11/20/2022: DeSantis headlines the final night of the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual confab in Nevada, aiming to send a clear message to Donald Trump and GOP voters that he is the party’s future by convincing them that he is the most pro-Jew.

DeSantis rattles off Israel policy accomplishments and efforts to block campus antisemitism, and boasted that he was the first statewide elected official to hold a public event in “Judea and Samaria.”

“We won the highest share of the Jewish vote for any Republican candidate in Florida history,” he claimed. “I will say if you look at our record on issues related to Israel and supporting the Jewish community it is second to none.”

He wasn’t kidding.

These are only a few examples to demonstrate Ron’s tireless dedication to serving the Jews. Look around and you’ll find countless other bills and deals, events and comments, all directed at advancing the cause of the Jews, and punishing those who challenge them, often at the expense of the American people, and our rights and liberties.

Unfortunately, this means nothing to a self-serving traitor like our governor. Ron DeSantis doesn’t care about America. He doesn’t care about Floridians, and least of all White people or Christians. Ron DeSantis only cares about two things: Jews and himself, likely the former for the sake of the latter.

When your governor is signing legislation that makes it a felony for you to criticize a foreign nation, from said foreign nation before its leaders, your governor is a traitor. Ron DeSantis is an enemy of the people.