A study published in the American Journal of Human Genetics used genetic data from the 1000 Genomes Project to estimate the ancestry of White Americans. The study found that on average, White Americans have 98.6% European ancestry, with the remaining ancestry being African, Native American, or Asian. It showed that only 1% of White Americans have 2% African ancestry. In South Carolina and Louisiana where African ancestry among White Americans is most present, the number of Whites with 2% African ancestry peaks at 5%. The percentage of Native American or Asian ancestry among Whites is even lower.

The Jewish media however, will try anything to convince us that our situation is hopeless, that we’re already so mixed up to the point there’s no use even attempting to preserve our ethnic identities. For example, Vox released an article reviewing the same study we’re referencing, and in their article they say, “Many Americans who call themselves white might be surprised to find out that they have some African ancestry… and in a lot of the South, about 10 percent of people who identified as white turned out to haveĀ African DNA.” People read it and think, whoa, 10% of Whites are actually African. However, they fail to mention that the percentage of African ancestry this 10 percent of Whites living in the most Africanized White communities in the country carry, is only 1%.

The fact that on average, White Americans have over 98% European Ancestry has been backed up by study after study, one published by PLOS Genetics in 2015, placing American Whites at an average of 98.6% European ancestry, in 2019 by the American Journal of Physical Anthropology at 98.2%, and again in 2021 by Nature Genetics at 98.5%.

Our problem with race mixing is blown out of proportion. According to a report by the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2019, just over 9 million people in the United States identified as multiracial, making up only 2.8% of the population. And the majority of these multiracial people are the product of two non-White parents. The Pew Research Center found that Whites are the least likely of all groups to marry someone of a different race or ethnicity, and the dating website OKCupid reported that, “white men and women were the least likely to respond to messages from people of a different race. The response rate for white men to messages from Black women was the lowest, at 22%. The response rate for white women to messages from Black men was also low, at 34%.” (Side note: the lowercase w for white and capitalized B for Black in these reports are intentional and motivated by racial hatred.)

Another study published in PLOS ONE in 2015 found that White Americans had a higher proportion of European ancestry than most individuals from Europe, reflecting the selective migration of Europeans to the United States over the past few centuries. I repeat, White Americans are on average more White and more European than Europeans born in Europe, and the “Amerimutt” is a myth.

This myth serves to demoralize White Americans and convince them that a battle they’re winning is already lost. White America can survive, thrive, dominate, and preserve our heritage easily without even reducing the percentage of our population engaging in interracial marriages and interbreeding, though we would still like to do so. Also worth mentioning, interracial marriages produce less children on average than same race marriages, and the culture surrounding intermixing populations is one of death that does not promote families or sustainable lifestyles.

That being said, while these numbers are encouraging, it does not mean we’re in the clear. Outside forces are doing everything in their power to influence the decisions we make and to kill us off in a thousand other ways. If these threats aren’t addressed, having good genes doesn’t help us at all. However, we believe that they will be, that in the short term, things will appear to get worse and in ways they will, but that by the course of nature and the grace of God, the future belongs to White America. Anyone suggesting otherwise is simply wrong.