Another cell phone video of tragically common black-on-White violence in the public school system is going around this week. This time, truly disturbing footage shows black, male students, one of whom is 14-years-old and significantly larger, beating a 9-year-old White girl senseless while she holds on to her backpack.

Per usual, no one intervened. Not one of the other students on the all-ages bus or either of the two adults who were present, the driver and an aide.

The girl’s 10-year-old brother was also viciously attacked. As the mother explains, “Another kid came out of nowhere and hit my son and he fell to his knees, and they started to hit him.”

She claims this isn’t the first time. The incident occurred only hours after she had reached out to CBS 4 to report violent bullying at the school, Coconut Palm K-8 Academy. And she isn’t the only parent speaking out, some have decided to withdraw their kids.

It breaks our hearts to see the violence and depravity White children are being subjected to at school in this country. Their suffering is an ongoing tragedy that will go down in history, and will never be forgiven. The girl’s mother, Jenni, had this to say, “Emotionally, I couldn’t even last two minutes. I couldn’t look at the video. Like any mother, I am destroyed. I fell to my knees and at that moment I said I have to do something.”

Miami-Dade Schools Police arrested one of the attackers and say they will be charged accordingly. Additionally, that those involved will be disciplined according to the code of student conduct. But according to the father, that isn’t happening, “since day one we’ve been calling their attention, and they’ve done jack.”

Miami-Dade County Public Schools released this statement, “The safety and well-being of our students is of the utmost importance. The school district goes to great lengths to promote values of restraint and respect, as well as using social media responsibly. We ask that parents reinforce those principles at home.”

In a wise move, the children’s parents say they may be homeschooling their children, for now, to keep them safe.

Instead of both adults present being charged criminally as they should, Miami-Dade public schools say they are reviewing the incident to see if the bus driver should face any disciplinary action.

If we know anything about how this country works, the boy will face minimal punishment for his sick and disgusting crime. He will then go through life continually reoffending, innocent and undeserving people will continue to be victimized, and the state will continue to do nothing about it.

The task is ours to take action, and the first step is to protect your children by pulling them out of the American public school system immediately.