People reach out all the time and let us know that they’re in Florida. It’s encouraging that people see what we’re doing and even more so that they like it or want to be a part of it. We want to meet as many of you as possible. As far as joining, if we don’t invite you to start the process right away, it’s nothing personal. It’s just that it’s not quite like that. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what we’re looking for and what you can do.

We’re not looking to fill up a group chat with everyone who likes what we do or try to manage more people than we even need or would realistically contribute meaningfully. Some things do take a few people or require skills we don’t have and there are things we need help with. But we know what we need help with, and how much help we need.

We’re meeting people through this and looking for the ones we need, and not spending unnecessary time on the ones who can’t or won’t do these things. That doesn’t mean however, that we don’t want to make contact with you and try to forge a community, or that we’re over here turning down help. And there’s power in having friends.

The longer we do what we do and the more we show you what that is, the easier it’ll be to see the difference in our approach. And that’s not to say anything about anyone else’s, a lot of our ideas come from things we saw other groups doing, even if we do it different. When we started, the goal was not to grow a mass movement and it wasn’t necessarily to start doing anything we weren’t already doing. We’re nationalists. Ours is a White nation, so we’re pro-White, and it’s something that means a lot to us. It defines us. Activism is just what we do, every day. It’s the behavior and lifestyle choices that come naturally with our convictions. A team helps a lot and that’s why we’re putting one together, but we don’t need or want an army.

The group also serves as a microphone. For all of us. Groups just get a stronger reaction and are more effective because of it than individuals acting alone. It makes us bigger than ourselves. And being a Florida-specific group gives us an audience that’s mostly or at least to a larger degree, located in the area that concerns us most and where we’re available, where we actually live. But people don’t need to put their names on our list to share our content, help us make more, put our stickers up, or even to fly our flag or whatever it is if they like it and that’s what they want to do and promote. We’re not trying to rally everyone behind our group, but this is about all of us. If you’ve got something people need to hear and think more would if it came from us, so long as we agree, let us know and we’ll say it.

We’re just normal White people doing what we can, and half the time winging it. We have ideas, and we live to act on them, but we’re not trying to take over the world and there’s no hidden plan beyond the things we just haven’t finished working on, or haven’t posted yet. There’s no classified information you’ll gain access to by associating with us, nothing going on that we don’t want people to know about, and you’ll never be talking to us about anything illegal, so there’s no formal vetting process or anything like that. If you like what we’re doing and want to get involved, just reach out and engage with us. If you see us calling on people for something, show up, or participate in whatever it is. Or when you have an idea, shoot. The worst we can say is that we don’t think it’s a good idea or can’t make it.

There is no head count or official meeting place on the internet. We’re coming together in real life and making connections that can’t be broken, and while what we’re fighting is nothing to take lightly, we’re pretty casual, at least structurally in the way we go about it until there’s a reason not to be. We’re not criminals or extremists, or whatever the Jews are trying to make us out to be. We have no reason to operate like we’re afraid of something. And the things we talk about are nothing to be ashamed of.

We have each other’s phone numbers. We know each other’s real names. We call each other and set things up the way friends would. Some people just like our stickers and want to put them up in their area but not meet anyone, do the group thing or share too much, that’s fine too. We have a materials page so you can download the things you think people should see and do what you want with them. You could do the same with anything else we put out. If you can’t get things printed yourself, we’ll send you whatever you need or tell you how. Don’t be afraid to ask.

As we get to know each other and do things together, your involvement will increase as it does. Meeting the other guys will happen as it happens more like being brought into a new group of friends. When you’re one of us, you’ll know it. You don’t need to get jumped in and there’s no expectations in terms of how involved you’ll be. If there’s something we need, we’re going to look for it but other than that, if you want to help, just start doing it. Tell us what it is you want to do or think you have to offer. If there’s something we can do to help, let us know.

However, do keep in mind that the less we know about you, the longer it’ll take to develop relationships. We get emails and messages from brand new or anonymous accounts with no posts, photos or name and have no idea who or what we’re talking to, you could be anyone and that’s probably how we’re going to look at it until you’ve been around a while and we become familiar. This is why we reached less people with the message yet did more organizing in our short time on Instagram than we have since, it’s more personal. We hope to see and are trying to encourage more people to use Gab this way, since they won’t shut us down the moment it starts to work.

Here’s a few examples of the things we’re looking for.

If you’re a filmer or photographer in South Florida, we’ve got things you can do right now to make us better. Finding someone who knows what they’re doing to follow us around with cameras would be one of the biggest helps. It’s not uncommon for the content to reach more people online than the action did in real life. And obviously, the more professional our content looks, the better it’ll do.

We’re looking for writers who can help us fill our site with information posts for visitors and report on relevant stories, which there are so many of going uncovered. You can also help with this by submitting anything you think we should cover or by doing some of the legwork of compiling information. You can email or message us on Gab.

Also, if you’re any good at screen printing, we just got a press and some other equipment so we can try a few different things without having to constantly find new printers as they decide they don’t want our business. Help with that would help a lot, even if it just meant making yourself available to us for questions as we learn to use everything ourselves, or suggesting another solution.

Of course and again, going out there and distributing our materials is one of the easiest ways you can get involved. The more people we have doing that, the more we’ll reach. Some of this may not sound exciting, but doing the work rarely is.

If you’re helping, we’re going to notice, and it will mean something to us. We will reach out. We also know who the people are who like all our posts and we see when they get shared around. We look for it. And we appreciate it. Not only are you helping spread the message but your engagement legitimizes us to the people who find our pages. That actually makes you pretty valuable to what we’re doing. In a sense you’re already a part of it, but we love to hear from you and invite you to make this yours.