Step 1: Boycott Jews.

Step 2: Parallel Economy.

First, what does boycott mean? Oxford English Dictionary defines boycott as to “withdraw from commercial or social relations with a country, organization, or person as a punishment or protest” or as “a punitive ban that forbids relations with certain groups, cooperation with a policy, or the handling of goods.”

The term originated in 1880 when a land agent and Protestant Englishman named Charles Boycott, who worked for an absentee landlord in Catholic Ireland, named Lord Erne, attempted to evict eleven tenants after a year of poor harvest. Irish leader Charles Stewart Parnell had proposed that locals shun anyone who tried to take over a farm that one of them had been evicted from, but after word got out about Boycott’s evictions, the tactic was tested on him rather than the new tenants. After intense pressure, workers stopped working, businessmen stopped trading with him, the postman refused to deliver his mail, and when he walked through the town, he was ignored. Residents wouldn’t even look at him.

Boycott described the situation in a letter to The Times in London,

“Sir, The following detail may be interesting to your readers as exemplifying the power of the Land League. On the 22nd September a process-server, escorted by a police force of seventeen men, retreated to my house for protection, followed by a howling mob of people, who yelled and hooted at the members of my family.

On the ensuing day, September 23rd, the people collected in crowds upon my farm, and some hundred or so came up to my house and ordered off, under threats of ulterior consequences, all my farm labourers, workmen, and stablemen, commanding them never to work for me again.

My herd has been frightened by them into giving up his employment, though he has refused to give up the house he held from me as part of his emolument. Another herd on an off farm has also been compelled to resign his situation.

My blacksmith has received a letter threatening him with murder if he does any more work for me, and my laundress has also been ordered to give up my washing. A little boy, twelve years of age, who carried my post-bag to and from the neighbouring town of Ballinrobe, was struck and threatened on 27th September, and ordered to desist from his work; since which time I have sent my little nephew for my letters and even he, on 2nd October, was stopped on the road and threatened if he continued to act as my messenger.

The shopkeepers have been warned to stop all supplies to my house, and I have just received a message from the postmistress to say that the telegraph messenger was stopped and threatened on the road when bringing out a message to me and that she does not think it safe to send any telegrams which may come for me in the future for fear they should be abstracted and the messenger injured. My farm is public property; the people wander over it with impunity. My crops are trampled upon, carried away in quantities, and destroyed wholesale.

The locks on my gates are smashed, the gates thrown open, the walls thrown down, and the stock driven out on the roads. I can get no workmen to do anything, and my ruin is openly avowed as the object of the Land League unless I throw up everything and leave the country. I say nothing about the danger to my own life, which is apparent to anybody who knows the country.

The campaign was successful and in December of 1880, Boycott left Ireland. This was part of a period of agrarian agitation in rural Ireland between 1879 and 1882, led by the Irish Land League, which came to be known as the Land War. In September of 1880, as the story of Charles Boycott spread, an Irish priest and agitator named Father John O’Malley suggested using boycott as a term to describe the type of organized isolation used against him. And with this, the “boycott” was born.

There was prior and has since been many successful boycotts. Among the most relevant, in the 1760’s, Britain attempted to recover losses incurred during the French-Indian War by imposing taxes on the American colonies with the Stamp Act. The colonies fought back by boycotting British goods and pressuring stamp agents to resign. The act was repealed in 1766 but the Americans’ push for autonomy continued, leading to the Revolution and the birth of our nation.

In 1905, the British announced the partition of Bengal in an attempt to weaken the region as it was seen as a central hub for rising Indian nationalism. The Indians figured that if manufacturing and trade became unviable for the British, they would give up on India and that was how they’d get their independence. So shortly after, a boycott of British goods was announced. Indigenous Indian industry couldn’t compete with advanced, foreign (White) industry, much like we can’t compete with Jewish money today. The movement (Swadeshi) led to an increased demand for domestic/indigenous goods, reduced the import of foreign goods, revived their industries and a spirit of nationalism, and saw a surge of Bengali literature, arts, and culture. Years later, after persisting in non-violent protest, propping up domestic alternatives, and finally, British difficulties successfully ruling India after World War Two, India gained their independence in 1947.


It’s the Jews. It’s always been the Jews, throughout history. But thanks to the internet, when we see a problem, we can quickly find out exactly who’s causing it and through repetition, the pattern becomes unavoidable.

When someone asks who runs the media, and a quick google search shows you that almost every major television network, social media network, newspaper, magazine, and radio station is owned and operated by Jews, when someone talks about the horrible things that go on in Hollywood and the music industry or what they promote and a quick Google search shows that almost every major film studio and production company, every record label and distribution company is owned and operated by Jews, when someone talks about the banks or the Federal Reserve and you repeat the process, when you ask who writes the curriculums for the schools, or who controls the food supply, or who develops and sells the prescription drugs, the vaccines, when you ask who’s funding the puppet politicians and their parties, or who benefits from the wars, or who causes the crashes and recessions, or who is the driving force behind the normalization of homosexuality and pedophilia, who sells the hormone blockers, who performs the sex change operations on children, who funds and leads the feminist movement and fight for abortion “rights”, who opened our borders, who runs the World Economic Forum, who created the United Nations, who created Communism, who created “Critical Race Theory”, when you ask who is behind all of these problems that we see and love to complain about, and when every single time you run into Jews, there’s no need to ask who the enemy is.

Jewish power in the United States is not absolute, but it’s close enough to warrant a re-evaluation of our path forward. They have infiltrated our society and turned it upside down. Left is right, black is white, and our survival is terrorism. Everything we see on TV, everything we hear on the radio, everything we read in the paper, it’s all a lie. We live in a fabricated reality. To be a “functioning” member of this society now, is to be a slave, property of the Jews. Or as they call us, cattle. It’s to be forced to tell a lie that you know is a lie. It’s total defeat.

We’re all suffering. It’s not only us as White people or as Christians. We’re all being oppressed, regardless of our race (minus Jews), religion (minus Jews), ethnicity (minus Jews), our sexual morality, whatever it may be. Where White people are unique, is that we’re being systematically exterminated. While the rest of the US (minorities) could hardly be described as free, our oppressors often weaponize them against us, and give to them as a means of taking from us, who they hate the most, which has led to success for a lot of them under the current system. It makes sense why so many would be opposed to our fight for change, even if the status quo meant kissing the ring from time to time and watching not to offend their masters, the same masters their ancestors had before they were “free.”

We were never going to vote our way out of this mess. In that sense, the forms of censorship and service denial that led us to start thinking in terms of alternative tech solutions and parallel economies may have actually been a blessing in disguise. The more people the system pushes out, the stronger the systems supporting these outskirts of society will become, and therein lies the solution. This solution which becomes even more feasible with the fact that it’s not necessarily the government doing the oppressing. This country isn’t run by politicians. It’s run by banks, the media, big tech, multinational corporations, lobby groups, NGOs, etc. It’s run by BlackRock and Vanguard, by Facebook and Twitter, by FOX and CNN, by Apple and Google, by the ADL. This could make our task, or at least performing it without getting violent or breaking too many laws in the process, a little easier.


Again, boycott Jews, parallel economy. We pull ourselves out of their system while coming together and propping up our own alternatives. Or as Torba says, we balkanize and we build. We “heighten the contradictions” and see them to their conclusion. Our differences are irreconcilable. Our hostilities will not fade. We cannot coexist with Jews or Jewish ideas. It’s a death trap. We simply will not survive. Either we remove them from the equation (near impossible), or we remove ourselves.

Small victories here and there are possible, but it doesn’t matter how much influence we gain, or how many seats we fill. The system isn’t broken, it’s not failing. It’s working exactly as those in charge would like it to. It doesn’t need to be fixed, it needs to be replaced. This is where talk of violence often comes in, but it doesn’t need to be broken first in order to be replaced. When it’s replaced, it will be broken by default. Besides, if we brought the whole thing to its knees today, what comes next if the infrastructure is not already in place to then take the reins and be able to manage? Because currently, it isn’t. We cut our losses, withdraw, and start building the new system now. We don’t need to destroy or overthrow anything. We just need to move on in spite of what is. This is not impossible for us. We’re already living in a crisis of legitimacy. And they have a lot of money, but we’re up against a 2% minority. Never forget that. Our participation in their system perpetuates it.

However, this will only work if the Jewishness of what we’re pulling away from is at the forefront of our revulsion. We’ve seen how in typical fashion, gatekeeping Jews foresaw these developments in our hyper-polarized society and have made every attempt at offering us the “alternatives” themselves before we have a chance to build our own, for obvious reason. In every case, they have failed or betrayed us. They’ve merely tweaked the methods of control slightly and switched up the packaging just enough to make us feel we’ve chosen something different without actually being freed from their grip. When we got banned from Twitter, they gave us apps like Parler, Gettr, and Truth Social. But then, these sites engaged in as much if not more censorship than Twitter did. They were sold to us as free speech alternatives, but clearly weren’t. One place may be a home for liberals while another has more conservatives, but they all pay rent to Jews. This will never work.

Jews have power because we give it to them, often for convenience. It doesn’t matter how many banks they own if we refuse to put our money in them. It doesn’t matter how many propaganda films they produce if we refuse to watch them. It doesn’t matter what the system narrative is if we have our own. It doesn’t matter how bad it gets in the schools if we’ve already pulled our children out of them. It doesn’t matter how much poison they put in our food if we’re growing our own, and shopping at our own markets. We’ve even seen a growing market for healthier alternative medicines and medical treatments.

Pull your money out of Jewish banks. Put it into smaller local banks. Pull your money out of the stock market. Put it in real estate. Start businesses. Do whatever you have to do. Pull every dollar you can out of anything Jewish and put it somewhere safe or invest it in your people. Use our alternative banking and payment services.

Stop watching TV. Not only cable, but Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, all of it. You’re smart enough to know which products and services are harming you. In most cases, you know which ones are run by people who hate you. Cancel the subscriptions. Turn off the brainwash. Don’t be their victim. Don’t watch Jewish movies. Don’t watch Jewish TV. Find out who made it before you watch it, especially if you’re going to spend money on it. Not only are you making these people money when you consume their product, but the content you consume affects you. This goes for music too. Consider who you’re supporting and what effect their music has on you.

This also means getting off mainstream social media networks. If there’s an opportunity to reach people in a meaningful way, take it, but be a poster, not a follower. Don’t scroll the feeds, don’t look at the explore tabs, don’t view the suggested content. Look at the effect you have with your Twitter, your Instagram or Facebook, whatever it is, and be honest with yourself. If you’re not making some difference by being there, get off. And bring as many as you can with you. There are ways to remove yourself without losing contact with everyone. It’s really not that hard. These apps should be tools, not a distraction or detriment. Support the “parallel economy” platforms like Gab that aren’t fake alternatives run by more Jews, like almost every other option is.

Stop spending money at Jewish businesses, particularly the major chains like retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. Focus on supporting local businesses, and be mindful of the brands you support as well. Spend the extra minute to look into who owns them and where your money is going.

Pull your kids out of the public school system. If you can’t get them into a good private school, look into homeschooling. A home or private education could cost you a lot of time and money. But a public education could cost you your child. It’s not worth it. Do what you have to do, and do not let your child anywhere near an “American” public school.

Stop taking Jewish pills and Jewish medical advice. During the COVID scam, we saw Jewish tech companies and media outlets censoring and punishing people who shared information about safer, healthier treatments against the virus. We’ve seen the sudden deaths. We know their medicine is poison. Stop taking it. That goes for mental health treatments as well. Stop talking to Jewish therapists, their advice is given with malicious intent. Get off of their antidepressants. Again, DO NOT TAKE JEWISH ANTIDEPRESSANTS. And get off of their birth (population) control.

What is needed is a total boycott of Jews, a shunning. Affiliation with Jews should be as offensive to us as affiliation with “Nazis” is to them. We should bully each other out of using Jewish services and products, out of associating with them in any way, and then the rest of America the same. This is obviously not the only way of convincing people, but one. A real Boycott’s boycott. It should be a shame, and viewed as a pathetic act of submission, to see a White man, or even a black man at that, walking around in public wearing Jewish brands, or caught walking into Jewish businesses.

Most people spend a significant amount of their time and money on Jews, often unknowingly. They’re educated by Jews, informed by Jews, entertained by Jews, fed by Jews, they wear Jewish clothes, they meet their partners on Jewish dating apps, they get their medicine from Jews, and on and on. As we withdraw from the Jew system, we’ll need alternatives. This is where the parallel economy comes to life. This is the new system. This is a path to freedom.