A post from our Gab:

So, we got an email from Printful because someone noticed that we had used them to print a banner which read “White Lives Matter.” This person was obviously very offended because they sent several emails personally, and then the website (not sure how this works) was updated in such a way that images with the phrase could no longer be submitted. It just doesn’t let you upload the file at all. We created several new accounts and had the same result. Printful has since let us know that “Black Lives Matter” is acceptable content, but “White Lives Matter” is not.

They attached their name and position to the email, so we decided to look into the person who made this call, Printful’s Senior Content File Specialist Emily Lovitch, and you’ll never guess what we saw. A Devil-worshipping Jewish Communist. Surprise, surprise. Her Tumblr and other social media are full of disgusting, Satanic and Communist content. Let this be a reminder that when we say every time, we mean every single time.