This past week, as a side project, we’ve been attempting to reach out to local churches in South Florida about a fake church that was set up by Jews which almost appears to exist for the sole purpose of mocking God and spitting on Christians. If you ever wondered what “Judeo-Christian” values would look like, this is it.

The Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale is easily and by far the most blasphemous and degenerate church in the United States. These people are sick. Their “Senior Minister” Durrell Watkins is a pedophile and outspoken sodomite. They regularly host drag shows (for all ages) inside their church, which is painted on the outside with rainbow flags.

This is an easy opportunity to stand against hostile, Satanic, Jewish, child-grooming perverts without it being about the fact that they’re Jewish or that we’re White. If you won’t stand when Jews attack Whites, will you stand when they attack Christ? What about the kids? If not, why? And is there anything you will not tolerate? Please watch this video to the end, it needs to be seen.

So far, we’ve sent this video to over 100 churches and church leaders in the Tri-County area and received exactly zero responses. It’ll be interesting to see what they say when we start asking why they’re unwilling to act or even speak on this. Perhaps the Sunshine Cathedral is not the only church that’ll be exposed.

If you have Christian followers in South Florida, please share this video with them. If you’re not a Christian but can make it out to support the effort, consider the relevance to everyone in this community beyond the spiritual aspect. While it is, we’re not making this one about Jews, or White people, or nationalism, or any of that. You can help with this without being a “Nazi” or whatever you’re normally afraid of. Check the Instagram linked for more information.