One of the big fears people have when it comes to getting involved with activism, groups, and even just speaking out about things online is the possibility of losing their job. This is a valid concern. It’s why so many of the groups we do see organizing have to wear masks any time they go in public or take a photo. It’s why their profiles are anonymous and it’s part of why we struggle to accomplish anything meaningful. People want to make noise, but not too much. They don’t operate this way because they’re ashamed of what they’re doing. They’re not secretly leftists trying to make us look bad or divide us by race or whatever conservatives have managed to convince themselves of. It’s rarely for their physical safety either. It’s because if you put yourself out there and stick up for White people, “they” will find out who you are and make every attempt to stop you from doing so. They’ll find out where you work and get you fired so you can’t afford to continue. They’ll try to make an example of you to prevent others from doing the same. Their lawsuits are often for the same purpose, less about winning than just inconveniencing and draining you financially.

As much as tech censorship and a controlled, lying, anti-White media have made it more difficult to exercise, our legal right to free speech does still exist. If you aren’t talking about anything illegal, making threats, or unreasonably harassing anyone, there really isn’t all that much they can do to you. If you’re out in the streets, a mask won’t do anything to protect you from a physical attack. So again, it’s not about fear for physical safety. And our situation is far too desperate for anyone to be choosing inaction for fear of the social consequences of their friends and family finding out, of caring what anyone might think about them.

The threats to our livelihoods, to our ability to survive and support our families, to our access to essential products and services, these are among the only reasonable threats to fear, and the most effective means they have and are using currently to combat our efforts. Alternatives to many of these products and services are now in the works. Eventually, we won’t need “them” for much of anything. The growth of the companies offering these alternative products and services will lead to safer, more sustainable job opportunities for the people they were created for. But, you don’t need to offer a service that we’re being threatened with losing access to in order to participate in this process of opportunity creation and the propping up of a parallel economy.

For example, nobody is being denied access to pizza because of their political beliefs. If you want a pizza, you can get one just about anywhere. Yet, there are probably a ton of guys working in pizzerias who remain anonymous online or with whatever part they have in this because they could lose their job if their boss found out. How many of them lost or had to fear losing their job when vaccine mandates were being introduced? A job in a pizzeria might not be the most important thing in the world even to the people who have one but most of us have felt the pressure to figure something out for ourselves as careering at a big company or in certain fields, moving from small business to small business, or remaining inactive seem increasingly unrealistic or at the least, undesirable. Do it and bring others with you. You can open, for example, a pizzeria, give these guys jobs, and remove those fears and obstacles for them. You can be the employer they don’t need to worry about, who has their back even. All productive action to be taken is not directly political. A parallel economy will need to be all-encompassing. Helping to build it up means just as much as any political action you could take and you can do this with anything.

Everyone doesn’t have the ability to just open up a restaurant, or any business for that matter and start hiring all their friends. But if we start teaming up in the ways we can and organizing behind businesses as well rather than just clubs or movement groups, a lot of us could make a bigger difference than we ever could have in the world of politics. Everyone is not cut to be the leader of some revolutionary political movement, and that’s fine. So here’s another one of many ways to help, giving White people jobs. Giving them a way to survive and to fight this fight without the shackles of fear and of threat to their means of feeding themselves.

Also, organizing in real life, and beyond organizing, building real teams and communities. Bonds develop much quicker between a group of guys who work together every day, regardless of what on, and whose livelihoods are connected in such a way than between participants of a group chat or occasional meetups. That we are organized can be more important than what we are organizing behind, the direction and purpose of organizations can change at any time. Some of us are political guys, some are business guys, some have other skills to offer. We all need to figure out how we are best suited to help and start doing so.

Personally, I can’t offer a guaranteed salary or hourly wage, but with my business which has no overhead, I can offer commission-based work to as many of our guys as want it and I love the idea of using my business as a sort of insurance for the guys who could potentially lose their jobs for being associated with this sort of stuff. Anyone with a full-time job working for someone who they have to hide what side they’re on from should have a side hustle they can lean on for a bit if things don’t work out and need be, but with the goal in mind of leaving their job intentionally before that happens to go full-time with it if not to work for someone else.

Really, I’m just floating the idea that for some of us, a business could be our “group.” That we can organize and sustain our group and it’s members through a business. We can create “groups” for our groups to do group stuff through, but organizing behind businesses that pay our bills and enable us to speak and act freely and as necessary may be something to consider.