It’s been a while now since tech censorship really became a problem around 2017. We all watched it get progressively worse over the last several years and the consequences have been devastating. Today, there is no longer a single social media platform that can be used to deliver truth to our people or to organize in opposition to the current anti-White, Antichrist system without facing inevitable content moderation and account suspension (this shouldn’t come as a surprise) except one, Gab.

Gab has been around longer than tech censorship and depersoning have been real problems for most ordinary people. Everyone loves to complain about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, Paypal and the rest of them, but in what other scenario would we spend all of our time complaining about a product rather than finding a new one and if it didn’t exist, creating it? It’s not always easy, but websites, marketplaces, payment processors, these are things we can create new versions of for ourselves without breaking any law if we find ourselves cut off. There have been a few different “free speech alternatives” that have popped up over the last few years, but Gab is the only company that has stepped up to the plate in good faith and stayed true to their promise.

It’s about more than just social media. With projects like GabPay and the Gab Marketplace, among countless others, as well as the platform itself, Gab’s founder and CEO Andrew Torba is working towards what he calls a Parallel Economy, or what could be described as an opposition society when you consider the political and social implications of these alternatives existing. We all recognize the problem, now we need to support each other in our efforts to build up solutions. They might not be perfect, but they will never get there if nobody signs up.

Our days on THEIR internet are numbered if not already expired. There’s nothing wrong with using the big platforms to try to reach the people who do. You should keep doing this. Keep creating and recreating accounts as you lose them. Keep showing up in their spaces and making it about us. But, as long as Gab is the only platform that we can use to safely and reliably broadcast our message and attempt to build a community, Gab will be the only platform that we promote or call home.

Twitter works great and it’s really easy to get engagement. Telegram has a lot of good accounts. Instagram is a great place to connect with others on an often more personal level. Youtube is by far the best platform for sharing video content, it’s not even close. But right now, we’re just spinning the wheels fighting for our spot in places we’re simply not welcome and never will be. These platforms were created by our enemies, keep that in mind. For all the talk about Big Tech Jews, is it not odd that as is often the case, an American dissident would have accounts on all social media platforms BUT the only one created by and for people like him?