We are a loose but active community of pro-White Floridians. We are not a membered organization. Any imagery or symbolism used serves only as a placeholder, a way to attract likeminded individuals and draw them to one of our accounts or chats where they can connect and get active, as well as a means of linking individual actions to a broader initiative.

We are not political. Any associations or similarities are the result of shared goals, aesthetic preference, or pure coincidence. We are ordinary, nation-minded White people from a variety of backgrounds organizing out of defensive necessity. There is no hidden agenda.

Our primary goal is to form in-real-life connections between activists and community members, to give them access to the men and tools needed to turn their ideas into action, and to inspire them to do so.

We are faithful members of our communities with moral boundaries who seek to be a force for good, in the pursuit of peace not conflict. We seek healthy, happy lives for our people and oppose any and all anti-social, nihilistic, blackpilled, violent, dark or degenerate attitudes and tactics.

We are not here to beef or to troll. We are about organization and action. Realistic, healthy, productive action.