We are a loose but active community of pro-White Floridians. We are not a membered organization. Any imagery or symbolism used serves only as a placeholder, a way to attract likeminded individuals and draw them to one of our accounts or chats where they can connect and get active, as well as a means of linking individual actions to a broader initiative.

We are not political. Any associations or similarities are the result of shared goals, aesthetic preference, or pure coincidence. We are ordinary, nation-minded White people from a variety of backgrounds organizing out of defensive necessity. There is no…

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To connect with the team, send us an Email or a message on Gab. You can also visit our Materials page to download sticker files and get started on your own.


It’s been a while now since tech censorship really became a problem around 2017. We all watched it get progressively worse over the last several years and the consequences have been devastating. Today, there is no longer a single social media platform that can be used to deliver truth to our people or to organize in opposition to the current anti-White, Antichrist system without facing inevitable content moderation and account suspension (this shouldn’t come as a surprise) except one, Gab.

Gab has been around longer than tech censorship and depersoning have been real problems for most ordinary people. Everyone loves to complain about…

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